Taking on the Challenge of Tomorrow’s Devices Through Unique Ion Beam and Plasma Technology

代表取締役社長 長井 宣夫

In recent years, the use of semiconductors has widened to include not only computers, smartphones, and other general consumer goods but also IoT (Internet-of-things), big data, AI (artificial intelligence), self-driving vehicles, and other industrial fields. These are important and essential industrial products for modern lifestyles and social activities.

Ever since Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd. launched its business of ion implantation equipment for semiconductor manufacturing in 1973, we have continued to support the infrastructure for global production processes, both in Japan and abroad, as a manufacturer of the primary manufacturing equipment for semiconductor devices and LCDs as well as OLEDs and other Flat Panel Display (FPD).

These days, as the use of semiconductors and FPDs continues its constant expansion, evolving at ever greater speeds toward the achievement of an even better society, the demands placed on us by customers and markets have also been expanding both horizontally and vertically.

In order to provide customers with value that utterly stands out from the rest, we have long been refining our proprietary, cutting-edge technologies related to ion beams, plasma, and their transport. This has led to the development of new equipment and the creation of systems for mass production of devices with high productivity, reliability, and safety. We also continue to assist customers with development behind the scenes by building deep and long-lasting relationships with them through the after-sales services that we provide even after our products have been delivered.

Today, semiconductors and FPDs are indispensable devices that not only facilitate people’s affluent lifestyles and fulfill their dreams but also can solve a variety of problems related to sustainable global environmental conservation. Thus, it is no exaggeration to say that the future of these devices is directly connected to the future of humanity and our planet.

Using our unique technology and products, our company will continue to take on the challenge of tomorrow’s semiconductor and FPD devices. Going forward, we intend to contribute to develop in an even wider range of industrial fields not only through ion implantation but also by expanding the applications of our proprietary technologies, including surface and internal modification of materials through the use of ion beams, and by stimulating innovation through fusion with technology and expertise in other fields in order to create new products and services.

代表取締役社長 長井 宣夫

July 2022
Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.
President Nobuo Nagai


Management Philosophy

To enhance our corporate value, we are building relationships that allow us to grow and evolve along with our customers as a “trusted partner” that helps them to achieve their aspirations.

We support the growth of our employees, and as “a company that provides job satisfaction”, we continuously provide an environment that enables employees to achieve their own potential.

We recognize our social responsibilities and will continue to work tirelessly as an “indispensable company”.


Company nameNissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.
EstablishedApril 1, 1999
Capital1.5 billion JPY
RepresentativePresident Nobuo Nagai
Head office4F Grand Kyoto, 75 Nishikujo Higashihieijo-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Description of businessDevelopment, design, sales, and maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and Flat Panel Display (FPD)manufacturing equipment
Employees314 (as of May 7, 2024)
ShareholderNissin Electric Co., Ltd. 100%


PresidentNobuo Nagai
DirectorsMasashi Konishi
DirectorsKazuhisa Nitta
Auditors (full-time)Tomoki Kinoshita
AuditorsYukifumi Teramoto

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