Materials Procurement


Basic Principles

Based on the principles of fairness and equal opportunity, we are always looking for excellent business partners without making judgements based on nationality, company size, or whether they have a track record of previous business deals.

Our criteria for initiating business transactions are as follows.

  1. Management stability
  2. Ensuring required specifications, quality, and performance
  3. Cost competitiveness
  4. Ability to meet deadlines and other conditions
  5. Maintenance and service system
  6. CSR adoption

Legal Compliance and Confidentiality Compliance

  1. We will ensure legal compliance as stipulated.
  2. We do not disclose to outside parties any confidential information obtained through business transactions.

CSR Procurement Initiatives

We are aware of our social responsibilities and wish to contribute to the creation of a better society and environment through our business activities.
To that end, business partners who directly or indirectly provide our company with products and services need to work together with us on activities that contribute to our social responsibilities.

The “Nissin Electric Group Requests for Procurement Suppliers” can be viewed on the Nissin Electric website below.

Green Procurement Initiatives

Our corporate management also emphatically recognizes global environmental conservation is an important issue common to all humanity.
Our company’s role is to contribute to the preservation of the global environment through our products and technology, however small those contributions may be. In accordance of our basic philosophy of “acting in consideration of environmental conservation and harmony in all aspects of our business activities for the future of people and the earth,” we prioritize the procurement of products and services that have less impact on the environment in our procurement activities, and we want to promote green procurement, which aims to reduce or stop using harmful chemicals.
We appreciate your understanding of the importance of our efforts to protect the global environment, and we ask for your cooperation.

The “Nissin Electric Group Green Procurement Guidelines” can be viewed on the Nissin Electric website below.


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