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Poster Paper Award at AM-FPD: We awarded consecutive 2-years related to Ion Implantation Technology for Oxide Semiconductor

At the International Workshop on ACTIVE-MATRIX FLATPANEL DISPLAYS AND DEVICES (AM-FPD‘22) was held July 5 through 8, 2022, where the pre-eminent technological breakthrough in the area of the latest flat panel display (FPD) is reported,

the joint research and development group of Nissin Ion Equipment (Head Office: Minami-ku, Kyoto; President: Nobuo Nagai) and Nissin Electric (Head Office: Ukyo-ku, Kyoto; President Yoshihiro Matsushita) received the AM-FPD‘21 Poster Paper Award for research finding related to Characteristics of Argon-Ion-Implanted Amorphous-InGaZnO(IGZO) which is the second year in a row.

This research established an analyzing method of the depth profile of the implanted noble gas ions; something that has considered to be difficult difficulty up to now.

Focusing on argon ions used as generic noble gas ions, the thermal stability was compared between a conventional plasma irradiation method and the ion implantation method. The award recognized the evidence given in this research demonstrating that the ion implantation method was able to become the low resistance and maintain it deeply into IGZO thin film in a hot environment.

The results of this technology are expected to greatly contribute to the high definition of medium and large size FPD with oxide semiconductors such as tablets, laptops and monitors. We will aim the adaption as the mass production technology of TFT process and continue to research and develop about it.

Award details : AM-FPD ’21 Poster Paper Award

Theme: Characteristics of Argon-Ion-Implanted Amorphous-InGaZnO

Award Ceremony

Event Dates: July 5 through 8, 2022

Event Venue : Ryukoku university kyoto hall koyu kaikan

Online (Hybrid Event)

Sponsor: International Society of Functional Thin Film Materials & Devices (FTFMD)

Description: This international workshop sponsored by FTFMD. Held each year since the first workshop in 1994, AM-FPD provides an important opportunity for people involved in development and research of systems, devices, processes, flat panel displays, thin film devices and solar panels as an international symposium on TFT technology and display materials.




 An abbreviation for oxide semiconductors made from indium (In), gallium (Ga), zinc (Zn) and oxygen (O).


 The element with atomic number 18. A noble gas, argon is highly unreactive.

・Depth profile

 The dopant depth profile of property modified region after treating a thin film. In the case of ion implantation, it is possible to estimate with a    


・Resistance reduction method

 For TFT devices, relatively low resistance regions of 1E2-1E6 Ω/☐ are required. Besides ion implantation, various methods such as plasma  

 irradiation and laser irradiation are utilized.

・Thin Film Transistor (TFT)

 These transistors are produced by using thin film semiconductors produced on insulating substrates such as glass or film and are used in Liquid   

 Crystal or Organic Electronic Luminescent displays.

・Noble gas

   Generic term for the following six elements:helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe), and radon (Rn).