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Ion Implanter for Semiconductor Process


Higher productivity and process reliability suitable for nanotechnology node



Two models contribute to robust MC-HE line configuration

  • Series EXCEED3000AH
     High-quality, reduced-cost performance
  • Series EXCEED9600A
     All-round capabilities supports high energy implants

Industries highest implant productivity

  • Higher throughput for production implant: G3 end station
  • Low energy beam enhancement: V-lens
  • Average auto-tuning time < 2min: SMART system

Field-proven process quality

  • Perfect elimination of energy contamination: FEM
  • Beam angle feedback both in horizontal and vertical direction: Multiple faraday-array system & VICF

Evolution on the same platform (-Ev/-Evo/-Evo2)

  • Performance enhancement with minimum risk by maintaining reliability, process compatibility and parts compatibility throughout tool life.
  • Upgrade kits available

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