Ion Implantation Service


High-Quality Implantation Service

  1. Nissin offer ion implantation using our cutting edge technology that is compatible with the most advanced implantation processes. (Wafer size: 300 mmΦ)
  2. Nissin offer the high quality ion implantation that is required in the most advanced implantation processes.
  3. Nissin offer implantation services in the clean environment of our "Class 1" clean tunnel.
  4. Nissin offer support for the development of nanotechnology node equipment, implantation testing, etc.


  1. Parallel beam
  2. ±0.5° or lower beam parallelism control function
  3. Uniformity check function
  4. Perfect energy contamination elimination function
  5. Load Port FOUP

Docking the end station to the clean tunnel has enabled the implantation process to be performed in a Class 1 environment.

We provide an environment that can be used as a part of our customers' LSI production line.