Customer Services

Summary of Nissin Customer Service

So that our customers will always be able to use the Nissin equipment that they purchased in the best condition possible, Nissin Ion Equipment has developed service bases in close proximity to our users throughout Japan and the world, through which our expert, highly-experienced service engineers offer quick, reliable customer support.

Content of Main Services

  • Periodic Maintenance and Inspection Service
    Nissin provides periodic maintenance and inspection service on all purchased Nissin equipment. For preventive maintenance and for optimal equipment performance, it is indispensable that maintenance, inspection and overhauls be periodically carried out and that equipment be maintained in its best condition possible. Our specialized staff provides detailed advice in that regard and works with dependable technical expertise in line with your specific maintenance plan and budget.
  • Equipment Transfer Service
    Nissin can move Nissin equipment within or between factories. This process is handled by Nissin staff used to dealing with heavy loads, vacuum precision instruments, and high-voltage devices, etc.
  • Equipment Refurbishing/Upgrading Service
    Nissin consults with you and employs the most up-to-date technology and data available for refurbishing and upgrading previously installed equipment in order to improve their productivity and functionality and thus match newer units and your present-day needs.
  • Emergency Repair Service
    Nissin has stationed an expert service force that can respond to any sudden equipment problems, and we back them with an on-site/on-call organization that offers quick and appropriate troubleshooting. Moreover, if repair is indeed required, we can respond appropriately by sending emergency repair parts and do our utmost to get your equipment back on line as soon as possible.
  • Parts Supply Service
    Nissin can quickly deliver genuine, high-quality Nissin parts in line with your needs in order to keep your equipment in operation regardless of whether you are in Japan or overseas.

Inquiries on the details of each service or about other services we can offer should be directed to your Nissin sales representative, or use the following e-mail service.

In Japan

Sales Group 2
Address : 575 Kuze Tonoshiro-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8205 JAPAN
Phone : (075) 934-8412 / Fax : (075) 922-4615


Overseas bases

Inquiries by e-mail