Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protection of Privacy

Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nissin") takes the following measures based on our recognition that it is important to appropriately protect personal information, such as that which we obtain on our customers and on other persons outside Nissin (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information").

1. Definition of "Personal Information"

"Personal Information" is deemed to refer to any and all information by which a person can be identified. Personal Information shall include someone's name, age, birthdate, telephone number, e-mail address, postal address, place of work, and other specific information, and it shall thus mean any information that can identify any particular person through a single piece of data or a combination thereof.

2. Obtaining Personal Information

Nissin shall obtain Personal Information through appropriate means, and shall have officially preannounced the purpose of use or notified to each person of Personal Information of that purpose at the time of receipt.

3. Using Personal Information

It is usually not necessary to submit Personal Information, such as your name and address when viewing Website. However, Website does include pages for inquiries and requests for information in which the submission of Personal Information may be required. In that case, only information within the range that is absolutely necessary shall be requested. Use of that information shall be limited to the range of the purpose of use that is officially preannounced and/or notified, and/or for which the consent of the subject of that information has been obtained.
Personal Information like that obtained from namecards and other tools voluntarily submitted by customers and users through regular business activities, Personal Information collected from the Internet, the telephone book or other public means, and Personal Information obtained through inquiries, questionnaires, requests for information or materials, applications for seminars or other various events, shall only be used when Nissin is required to contact the corresponding person or in regard to the introduction and announcement of our products and services.

4. Disclosing Personal Information to a third party

Except for the following cases, Nissin shall not disclose any Personal Information that we have obtained to any third party. If it is necessary to disclose Personal Information to an outside contractor, a confidentiality agreement shall be entered into and prevent Personal Information from disclosure by that contractor aimed at.

  1. in the event prior consent has been received from the person who has submitted the information; or
  2. in the event all or a part of the handling of Personal Information is entrusted to an outside contractor that already has a confidentiality agreement with Nissin and is within the scope
  3. in the event disclosure of Personal Information is required by a public institution, such as a court, a law, an ordinance, or other public enforceable authority; or
  4. in the event Personal Information is disclosed in a state where identification of any individual person is not possible; or
  5. in the event Personal Information is disclosed based on the purpose of protecting Nissin's rights and properties
  6. in the event Nissin's business structure changes due to a merger, company split, transfer of business, or other reasons.

5. Shared use between Nissin and distributors and agents

Personal Information obtained by Nissin may be shared with Nissin's subsidiaries, as well as distributors and agents in charge of sales and after-sale service with which we already have a confidentiality agreement. In such cases, prevention of disclosure by that shared user shall be aimed at by entering into a separate confidentiality agreement, etc.

  1. Shared Personal Information
    • Name
    • Group or organization name, and corresponding address, telephone number, and e-mail address
    • Contact record with Nissin
    • Record of participating in exhibitions and seminars
    • Propriety of contact through direct mail, etc.
    • Record of sales and purchases regarding Nissin products
    • Record regarding equipment in present use
  2. Extent of shared users
    • Nissin's subsidiaries and responsible distributors and agents
  3. Purpose of use
    • Addressing requests from and fulfillment of contract matters with customers
    • Contacting customers
    • Confirming equipment installation locations
    • Announcing exhibitions, seminars, products and services by Nissin's subsidiaries and group companies
    • Confirming the record of equipment maintenance
    • Collecting product quality information and feedback on development and manufacture
  4. Responsible company
    • Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.

6. Safety measures for Personal Information

Nissin shall take appropriate safety precautions for all Personal Information we obtain in order to prevent disclosure, loss, defamation, unauthorized access, and other illegal activities related to that information.

7. Compliance with laws, and other regulations

Along with observing Japanese laws and regulations regarding the protection of Personal Information, Nissin shall continuously review the contents of this Privacy Policy and make improvements as appropriate.

8. Inquiries on Personal Information

Inquiries regarding the confirmation, revision, deletion, etc., of Personal Information shall be made as follows. Such inquiries will only be accepted from the actual subject of the corresponding Personal Information; you may be required to confirm your identity in that regard.

With regard to handling Personal Information, Nissin shall continuously review and make improvements to the contents of each item mentioned above, as appropriate.

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